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Kid President Pep Talk

March 20th Class

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Classroom Blog

This is a great inspirational video!

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Inquiry in Science Education

Inquiry is a term that I am familiar with but did not totally understand its true meaning until reading Inquiry, Process Skills, and Thinking in Science written by Mike Padilla.  I have heard the term being used in other education classes and thought that it meant that what the students were supposed to be doing was all hands on.  In this article I have learned that it is not just about the hands on aspect but rather the intellectual aspect along with some hands on learning that inquiry based learning is all about.

            My experiences in school was mostly all just teacher constructed learning activities.  We would formulate our ideas from either the teacher or the textbook.  An inquiry based learning approach, as I have learned from this article, is moving away from a teacher centered approach to a more student centered approach to learning.  Students wonder, pose questions, gather ideas and thoughts, discuss, gather information and evidence and formulate their own ideas from these processes, to come to their own conclusion about what they are learning.  A great quote from the article Inquiry, Process Skills, and Thinking in Science, says “Inquiry teaching is an approach that engages student curiosity and wonder, that inspires students to observe and reason, and that helps them to sharpen their critical-thinking and communication abilities.”

            I am excited to see the changes that are happening in the classrooms when I do become a teacher because I think that inquiry based learning instead of learning everything from a book will make the students more eager to learn.  For students to want to learn they need to be involved in all aspects of what they are learning, from planning what to do all the way down to how they should be marked.  Teachers should be there to answer and ask questions, motivate the children to have discussions, and get the students involved, so in all, teachers need to guide their students.

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A Classroom in Tanzania

This is a classroom in a Masai Tribe village in Tanzania.  I went for a safari and we ended up taking a tour through the village.

This is a classroom in a Masai Tribe village in Tanzania. I went on a safari and ended up taking a tour through the village.

Some of the students.  We gave them pencils, pens, erasers, and some money.  Each time we gave them something they clapped and sang a song for us

Some of the students. We gave them pencils, paper and some money. Each time we gave them something they clapped and sang a song for us.  It was great!

A Project From 3rd Year

Baby Jordan

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